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Sex after 50

Today’s topic is sex after 50. I am sure everyone has an opinion and my hope is that after reading my perspective, others will share theirs, and I will be enlightened as to a different way to approach an essential part of life. Nothing is taboo here. With respect and honesty we will be able to explore all areas of sexuality and what a fulfilling sex life can be like with your partner. So, let's begin. Sex after 50 should really be about intimacy. Now I have some male friends who still believe it is still only about the stroke. And to be honest, the stroke is still an important part of sexual fulfillment. But I have learned that intimacy with your partner is the most desirable goal. As ...
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Deion Sanders Made the Right Decision

The decision by Deion Sanders to take the Colorado coaching job was the right one. He is taking much heat from the African-American community for it. But I believe those in the community who are being critical are coming from a personal perspective. In America we all work hard and try to make decisions that are in our own best interests as well as those of our family. But people are saying that he is a sellout. I don’t understand that thought process by people who are also trying to provide for their families. The success he had at Jackson State University, an HBCU, should be celebrated. But that does not mean ...
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Why You HAVE to Be Profitable! or, How to Get Your Finances in Order, Step Two

First off, my apologies for the unreasonably long break between the first article in this series and the second one. I’ll try to make sure subsequent articles appear more regularly. If you need to, go back and reread the first article. Basically the point was that you have to make enough money to not only cover your expenses but also to have some left over to save. Save. That’s right, save. You MUST be able to save money if you plan to live a successful financial life. Why is saving so important? Well, because you need savings for a lot of reasons. You need savings to cover you in case there are dips in your income. You need savings to ...
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What Has hulu Been up to?

With all of the streaming services out there and all of their offerings, it can be really hard to know what to watch. So we thought you might appreciate us curating some movies and documentaries that are or had been playing on hulu recently. (If they’re no longer playing on hulu, chances are you can find them on another streamer). Here are some mini reviews to help you decide what to watch. PREY. This film was billed as the prequel to the 1987 blockbuster “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now I don’t know about you, but I was a big time Schwarzenegger fan back in the day. I got hooked – like the rest of America – with “Terminator”. “I’ll be back” -- spoken with a halfway decent Austrian/German ...
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